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When a user enters through your link we automatically remember your id number in our system. If the user has requested to exchange pay its part and we successfully complete the exchange you get your profit by 0.25% of the difference between the two amounts. Example: If the user decides to exchange 100 dollars and our exchange rate is 1 = 0.96, users receive 96 dollars and you take 0.25$ of 4$.

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Kamikaz Kawla

Customer Support

I have been working here for more than 3 years as Customer Support. Alhamdulillah they are very good and trustworthy. All those who come to me for help say good things about the payment department of this website. Hope to go far in the future.

Merizon Billa

Marketing Expert

I have been fulfilling their marketing responsibilities since the beginning. So far no one has heard bad reports about them. Good luck to UsdStoreBD.

Richard Jaxon

Market Analyser

I have been with them since then. They have come so far today by solving many problems and working hard. Best wishes for further progress.

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