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Our Reserve & Exchange Rate

Check Our Live Reserve and Exchange Rate From Bellow.

Tron (TRC20)
Available: 559.02 USD
  • Buy Rate : 95 BDT
  • Sell Rate : 105 BDT
Litecoin Coinbase
Available: 0 USD
  • Buy Rate : 94 BDT
  • Sell Rate : 104 BDT
Bitcoin Coinbase
Available: 90 USD
  • Buy Rate : 94 BDT
  • Sell Rate : 104 BDT
Perfect Money
Available: 285.86 USD
  • Buy Rate : 94 BDT
  • Sell Rate : 102 BDT
Available: 0 USD
  • Buy Rate : 80 BDT
  • Sell Rate : 88 BDT
Available: 697.47 USD
  • Buy Rate : 93 BDT
  • Sell Rate : 103 BDT

Our Special Features

We support the most secure services and features. This secured website supports a user-friendly interface and various attractive features that ready to use.

Service Hour

We are here for you. Take our services 7 Days (No Weekend). Work Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM, Time (GMT+6).


Our platform supports all types of cryptocurrency having an easy and fast exchange system.

Our Service

Its not a financial Institute, online bank or licensed exchanger. Only works as a Third-Party between User and Legal Entity.

Fast Transaction

Our order processing time between 5 to 30 Minutes. UsdStoreBD sending money is simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Fraud Alert

UsdStoreBD will not be liable for using our services for money laundering, terrorist activities or other crimes.

Financial Crime

We will provide overall support to the country's law enforcement agencies in curbing any type of financial crime.













Our client's say about us

We always care for our clients and love to getting good feedbacks from you. Take a look at what some of our clients think of us.

General User
Personally Ami Exchanger Site Gulake Trust Kori Na.But Apnara Taka Ei Website The 100% Trusted.Khub Dorkar Holea Ami Ei Jaiga Thekei Dollar Kini.Tader Support Team o Onek Valo Fast Replay Dei.Asa Kori Future ea Eirokom Behavior Bojai Rakhben.Take Love.
Golam Samdani
General User
The best It was beyond my imagination . God Bless you All. Keep the good work up
General User
They are very professional and the service is tip-top. The website is always maintained with regular updates. They are 100% legit so there is no bhejal here. Keep up the good work! :)
Dipok Barman
General User
Little bit slow but they are 100% trusted. Working with them since few months. If they can reduce the waiting time they will be be great to go by.
Shohidul Islam
General User
Thanks for your commitment and good service.
shahin alam
General User
Very clam place to exchange credit. Fast & smooth. behaviour is Cool. Thanks!
Lovely Ahnaf
General User
Very Very Trusted site thank you vai.
General User
Late but trusted thanks
General User
Very Good Support . they are very professional. I appreciate their service . Thank you for giving such service.
Md Sajedul Islam
General User
First time trade with them.But service was slow. Overall service was good.
Md Ishaque Ahomed
General User
Good service and trusted. Instant complete order, within 5-30 min. Thanks to usdstorebd.com
General User
Trusted website. Their support team is just awesome. Thanks a lot.
Imran Hossain
General User
Thanks for your good, secure & fast service... Jazakallah Khair
Md Zahidul Islam
General User
onek somoy onek deri hoy. tobe pawa jay. always trusted thakuk ei asha kori..
General User
very good service
General User
আজকের 12 বছর সৌদি আরবে অনলাইনে কাজ করি পেমেন্ট নেই পেপাল স্কেল এই সাইট গুলোতে। কিন্তু আজকে হঠাৎ করে পারফেক্ট মানি তে দেখলাম বাংলাদেশের আপনার টাকা সাইটে এড করা আছে এক্সচেঞ্জে। যাই হোক বাংলাদেশকে এত এগিয়ে গেছে তা UsdStoreBD.Com এর মাধ্যমে প্রমাণ হয়ে গেছে। খুব ভালো একটা সাইট ট্রাস্টেড সাইট খুব কম সময়ে টাকা পেলাম। ধন্যবাদ জানাই UsdStoreBD এডমিন কে আশা করি এভাবেই দেশের মুখ উজ্জ্বল করবেন বিদেশে মানুষের কাছে খুব ভালো সার্ভিস ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে।
General User
Excellent , and honestly I found this site safe, 100% tense free and genuine. Not only very friendly but also, questions, are answered, an instantly during the chat. I do really appreciate, thanks.
General User
Trusted website. Their support team is just awesome. Thanks a lot.
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Frequently Asked Question

Some frequently Asked Questios

Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) mandatory?
All the clients who have signed up to on the site, are required to perform additional authorization at the following stages online: - Login - Adding or managing beneficiaries - Instructing a payment or booking a site.
How To Create a UsdStoreBD account?
If you want to open an account for personal use you can do it over the phone or online.

Opening an account online should only take a few minutes

You need to register to the site and just login to the site using the userid and password. You no need to verify your kyc to make an exchange.
Do UsdStoreBD offer any physical transaction?
Sorry! we are not provide any kind of physical transaction. You can only able to transact over the web.
What About Transaction Time?
Usually we takes minimum 5 minutes and maximum 30 minutes to complete order (for PayPal it takes maximum 24 hours due to PaypPal sending error). If you have any urgency you can contact us over Live Chat, Email, Facebook Page Inbox, WhatsApp, Telegram.

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